Guillaume Bazire

An impending riot has been avoided thanks to the technical genius of Guillaume Bazire. The members of Interlope were prepared to jam sledgehammers into their computers after running into a barrage of technical difficulties halfway through a meeting. Guillaume arrived with but a moment to spare and quickly diffused the situation. To him, they owe their sanity.

Originally from Grasse, France this technological wizard, having completed his studies in multimedia, moved to Montréal in 2008. By 2014 he acquired his Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Guillaume works as a web designer at and works as a freelancer on the side. Lucky us!

Guillaume has been an integral member of Interlope since its inception. As a man who wears many hats, he can be found taking photos during rehearsal, designing promotional material, or clearing glitches in the blog. We like to think of him as our very own Wizard of Oz.

Katherine & Katie

Translation and editing by Laura, Léa & Marie-Eve

Photo credit: *******

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