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We are new to the blogging realm and can’t wait to share with you the inner workings of Interlope. For the next two months, our posts will be related to our preparations for traveling to Ramallah, a city in the West Bank Palestine. Some of the posts we have planned include: a look at our creative process, details on our weekly training sessions and most importantly, a look at the artists who make up this team. Once we have arrived in Ramallah, the other members of our group will begin to write their own posts sharing with you their experiences.


But first let us properly introduce ourselves.

Interlope was founded by Léa Tremblay Fong, in 2012, through a desire to collaborate with urban artists. This has led to our being a transdisciplinary project bringing together the worlds of contemporary dance and street art. Breaking away from the conventions of a seated theatre, our performances are created and held on the streets, in public spaces, with the intention of bringing art to the people. We have made it a part of our mandate to integrate into the community and develop a real relationship with our audience. Since its inception, Interlope has evolved into a well oiled machine consisting of: two artistic directors and choreographers (Léa Tremblay Fong & Laura Toma), five contemporary dancers/co-administrators (Bettina Szabo, Katherine Ng, Katie Philp, Kim Henry & Marie-Eve Courchesne), two invited street artists, two musicians (Alexandre Larin & Hugo Chartrand), a stage director (Vanessa Kneale), and a graphic designer (Guillaume Bazire).

Why Ramallah?

As absurd as this may sound, our two artistic directors first met in 2010 in the West Bank, in the middle of a Palestinian refugee camp, footsteps away from an Israeli army checkpoint. Little did they know they would meet years later in Montréal, where Laura would join Léa on this journey. Below is an audioclip of the dialogue between the two, describing how the opportunity to bring Interlope to Ramallah came about, and their initial meeting in the West Bank.



What will we be doing there?

We are incredibly grateful to be a part of such a rare opportunity; in spending a whole month in Ramallah we can fully immerse ourselves into this new artistic environment. As part of our residency we will be teaching various workshops to the dancers of the Sareyyet Ramallah First Ramallah Group which will include such techniques as: the basics of Krump, contemporary dance, and structured improvisations. We hope to expose the Palestinian dancers to new methods of movement they might otherwise never experience.

We will also be in residency with two street artists based in Ramallah. Through this collaboration with local artists in a location of such singularity, we will come together in an extended period of research to reinvent the performance, keeping it relevant to the new socio-cultural and even political contexts of the region.

Through this blog, we wish to give you a glimpse into the world of Interlope, and to share with you any helpful tools we acquire along this journey. Please stay tuned for “Interlope Weekly”, a series of nine posts introducing the artists who make up Interlope.

Katherine & Katie

Edited by Laura & Léa

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